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En attente... Thermal Scanner Machine factory

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    16 Mar 2021
    鈽匫ur History
    2011 Establishment in Shenzhen city
    LKS was established in Shenzhen, as a high-tech enterprise, we got strong supports by the Entrepreneurship Incubation Base of Nanshan, Shenzhen from the beginning.
    2012 LKS accomplished a project of 5,000pcs tailored payment kiosk for Longjiang Bank
    Currently LKS has developed a banking self-service kiosk system, it's for a tailored program for China Longjiang Bank. Along with the in-time delivery and full running of this totally 5,000pcs of banking kiosks, LKS is going to be recognized by China commercial banks increasingly!
    2013 LKS pushs out self-help ticketing systems
    LKS launched a self-service ticket kiosk running with more than 3000 theaters across the country. Selected as a strategic partner with Alibaba Cinema Corporation, LKS is now accounting for above 75% of market shares of the ticketing terminals of Alibaba cinema lines. By this ticketing kiosk, users can easily get the real-time remaining seats information, and choose freely according to individual needs.
    2014 LKS launches new generation of banking kiosk systems
    Based on a sophisticated understanding of the huge demands on the self-service system for banks and other industries, LKS made a long-term efforts on R&D, design for the new generation self-service terminal equipments, and finally launched a series of advanced self-service banking kiosk system, medical self-service system, social insurance self-service system and a 24-hour intelligent self-service library system.
    2015 LKS launched the world's first 3-axis elevation type vending machine
    LKS completed the round B capital raising, and launched the world's first 3-axis elevation type vending machine.
    2016 LKS invests and develops "Drinks Master high-end vending systems
    In order to conform to the latest trends, LKS has increased the investments on the R&D for various high-end vending systems, the most representative one is Drinks Master series, till the middle of the year, our team already completed the on-line operation for all major cities in Chinese mainland.
    2017 LKS listed on New Three Board successfully
    LKS has completed the round B capital raising, and with a rapid development, LKS was formally listed on New Three Board successfully on Jan 25th, 2017.
    鈽匫ur Factory
    LKS鈥?s facility are all-inclusive. The new 5000 square foot manufacturing facility, LKS 100% dedicated to custom and OEM kiosks manufacturing. Several unique capabilities provide LKS clients distinct competitive advantages.
    鈽匫ur Product
    Shenzhen Lean Kiosk Systems Co.,LTD ( LKS for short as following ) is a professional kiosk manufacturer engaged in all kinds of digital infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer kiosk, payment kiosk, information kiosk, touch screen kiosk, ticket dispenser kiosk, banking kiosk, simple ATM kiosk, advertising kiosk, outdoor kiosk, etc.
    鈽匬roduct Application
    LKS kiosk products have been widely applied to bank, hospital, cinema, super market, convenient store, shopping mall, restaurant, metro station, bus station, gas station, exhibition hall, museum, airport, real estate property and other public areas.
    鈽匫ur Certificate
    CE, FCC, CCC, RoSH
    鈽匬roduction Market
    Welcome to Shenzhen Lean Kiosk Systems Co.,Ltd, established in 2011, has been an industry leading manufacturer and one-stop solution provider of self-service terminal products like ticket vending machine, touch screen and advertising display. We are located at Bao'an district, Shenzhen, China, with convenient transportation access. We have designed and developed kiosk solutions for more than 3 0 countries all over the world, warmly welcomed and highly praised by clients with good products, novel design and considerate after-sales service. We have our own professional and experienced R&D department and complete supply chains. OEM and ODM are both acceptable. Our products have been widely used in cinema, hospital, shopping mall and other public areas. More than 1 0 0 thousand kiosks and over 3 0 0 thousand display screens have been delivered. 8 0% were shipped to overseas which are mainly used as ticketing, payment and information. And our clients include world top 5 0 0 enterprises and some internet giants such as Alibaba, Foxconn, Sinopec, Walmart and others. We always adhere to the principle of customer first, product superior to make our clients satisfactory. Lean has been keeping improving and striving to help customers with their problems and accelerate the industry progress. We hope you can enjoy our product and service and let's work together for win-win situation and for a better society. Looking forward to your coming.
    鈽匫ur Service
    LKS鈥?s facility are all-inclusive. The new 5000 square foot manufacturing facility, LKS 100% dedicated to custom and OEM kiosks manufacturing. Several unique capabilities provide LKS clients distinct competitive advantage:
    鈥?Comprehensive in-house fabrication equipment for laser cut metals, paint, and custom graphic art provides much lower costs, faster lead-times (production / prototypes), and total control of product quality.
    鈥?Flexible 鈥渓ow- volume and high- variety鈥?Manufacturing to accommodate a full range of volume needs. For example: 1 to 10, or hundreds per week.
    鈥?ISO9001 Certification provides the highest manufacturing quality.
    鈥?Centrally located facility for lower deployment shipment costs.
    鈥?Expert professional support teams in Engineering, Industrial Design, Program Management, Customer Services, Manufacturing, and Quality.Thermal Scanner Machine factory