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    16 Mar 2021
    LONGi eddy current aluminum separation line offers effective recovery and quality improvement for aluminum scrap.
    Product Features
    The automatic aluminum sorting system is combinated with LONGi eddy current separator, magnetic drums, and vibrating feeders, which is used to separate iron from aluminum, magnesium , cooperate and other types of nonferrous metal from nonmetals. save you on labor costs of up to 90% versus using a manual pick line.
    Large handling capacity
    Materials disperses evenly by vibrating feeder
    Separate the ferrous and non-ferrous by one machine
    Lower cost, and efficient than manual pick lines
    A high recovery of aluminum with rates reaching up to 99.7%
    Compact structure and easy operation, easy to install and maintenance
    Module design supplies the best benefit to customers.
    Frist class spare parts such like the SKF bearing and SEW motor etc. present the best performance of the machines.
    Technical Parameters
    ModelMotor BrandBearing BrandOutline Dimensions
    A*B*C*D*EWeight锛坘g锛?/p>Feeder Model
    Capacity of Aluminum Scrap
    Recycling aluminum refers to the scrap aluminum as the main raw material to obtain aluminum alloy after pretreatment, smelting, refining, and ingot casting. Aluminum has features of strong corrosion resistance, low loss during use, and will not lose its basic characteristics after repeated recycling for many times, and has extremely high recycling value. In addition to having significant economic advantages, recycling aluminum can also effectively save natural resources and protect the ecological environment. In 2020, the total global aluminum consumption will reach 110 million tons, and the total global recycling aluminum consumption will also increase significantly. As a light and high-performance material, aluminum is gradually replacing traditional materials, such as steel, to reduce weight and save energy. This makes recycling process more important.
    40TPH Aluminum Scrap EPC Project
    Longi 鈥橲 Service Guarantee
    One on One service
    LONGi鈥檚 in house laboratory is well known for providing professional and accurate sample testing for a wide variety of clients in both the mineral and recycling industries. Based on the lab test results and often a necessary site survey our experienced engineers are proud to be able to offer the best solution available every time we can. Not only do we look for the solution to best process the end users material,but,we are mindful to provide the best value and performance in the most economical way.
    LONGi Laboratory IntroductionEddy Current Separator suppliers
    website:[Lien externe] China Eddy Current Separator Suppliers, Manufacturers, Factory - Wholesale & Buy Eddy Current Separator for Sale - LONGi - (http://www.ljmagnetics.com/eddy-current-separator/)